Even in today's world of fast technologies, NCR Pads are still being used. Many small businesses and professionals use NCR Sets such as Mechanics, Operations Managers, Tradesman, to name a few.

The primary advantages of using NCR Pads

  1. The main benefit of using an NCR book is to give multiple copies of the same template. Therefore you only need to fill out one sheet of information it replicates again instantly. This is difficult to implement through technology due to the fact it would cost much money for a small business to invest. So you can see why are NCR Pads are still used and why sole traders and small businesses use them.

  2. NCR sets are cost-effective compared with other methods such as photocopying. First, the outlay of a commercial printer costs money. Secondly, the ink cartridges are an expensive recurring cost, and don't forgot about the electricity to run the machine. Finally Also a photocopying machine needs maintenance every year to ensure they are in good working order, which is another additional cost.

  3. NCR books are environmentally friendly as they use less waste when compared with using carbon paper alone. Less waste is better for business and the planet.

  4. NCR sets are easy to use. All you have to do is write on them, and a replicate is created instantly. This is more straightforward than using carbon paper. With carbon, you have to use the separator and apply it as many times according to how many copies you want.

  5. NCR Pads are very accurate! The pressure from the pen to paper on the top sheet accurately transfers the information on the form below.

  6. NCR Pads are cleaner to use than carbon paper! Carbon paper tends to smudge, which makes it sometimes difficult to understand what was written.

  7. Finally, another advantage you can create more copies using NCR Pads than on carbon paper. Once you create more than two documents using carbon, it is sometimes difficult to make out the text, which wastes time.

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It is clear to understand why NCR sets are still popular nowadays, given the list of benefits you get from using NCR books. They are low cost and easy to use, which makes them common today for many professionals.

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