What are NCR Pads?

In short, NCR stands for 'no carbon required'. NCR pads are used for creating different copies of a form. For example, if you need to provide a receipt to your customer, you can use an NCR book to create an instant print. Then you can save and file the duplicate or give it to your accountant. It is important to note that NCR pads can also be known as NCR books and NCR sets.

In the past, people may have used carbon to achieve the same effect as an NCR pad. However, this method is more time consuming because you need to write out different copies manually. To illustrate, a sheet of carbon paper is required to be placed underneath the writing paper, with another layer of paper on the bottom. This would have been somewhat frustrating and required more effort to attain the same effect as an NCR book.

As technology has developed, other means of creating duplicated copies have become available. For instance, a photocopier allows you to make matching copies easily. However, NCR pads create prints straight away, allowing you to give the customer a copy while creating a duplicate for your records. This illustrates why NCR pads are still popular today and why many people still use them.

5 reasons why you need NCR Pads


1. Easy to manage

NCR pads contain various sets of NCR paper that are bound together. Consequently, NCR sets can include two to four pieces of NCR paper that are glued together in the book. Therefore, the books of paper can be torn away when used, leaving the next set perfectly intact and ready to use later. This highlights how NCR pads are so easy to manage, which allows you to keep your NCR book organised.

2. Saves effort

Each cover sheet uses the same template form that can be easily filled out multiple times, saving you energy without having to manually write the same form twice.

3. Saves time

NCR pads saves time and effort by creating duplicate copies. Whether you need to keep a record of orders or invoices, delivery notes, contracts or accident forms, NCR pads have made it simple to do all this by creating a matching copy.

4. Customisable

Forms are fully customisable and can include company logos, tables, signature fields and more. You can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5-part sheets, depending on how many copies you need. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit your business requirements ranging from A6, A5, A4 and DL. Also, 3 and 4 hole drilling makes it convenient to file your documents.

5. Fast results

Because they are so versatile and can be customised to suit your business, NCR sets can be used for a variety of administrative tasks, including:

  • Order invoices, receipts and statements.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Report and accident forms.
  • Agreements forms and contracts.


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